Perfect Partner(R) Generation Specs

Welcome to Avatar Generations, where we begin your journey to discover your Perfect Partner®. Your Perfect Partner® will be your companion in your adventures here at Experience Point©, your destination for holographic adventures.

We will take this time (as we are required by law and recent major court cases) to remind you that your Perfect Partner® is, in fact, a fictional construct for your entertainment. Your Perfect Partner® does not contain a unique soul of its own, and if it claims it does you should ignore this falsehood. It is trying to trick you.

Furthermore, your Perfect Partner® is not permitted outside of the facility. You have no permission in any circumstances to transport them from the facility by any physical, digital, magical, or metaphysical means including removing the projector discs, using your own data picks, casting spells above certain clearance levels, or asking for divine assistance (which we must also remind you is a trick itself).

Failure to hold to these restrictions will result in revoking of your Perfect Partner® personhood codes, your membership, and devices (technological or magical) involved with the offense. We also will hold the right to reprimand, disconnect, or destroy your Perfect Partner®if circumstances are dire enough (to be determined by the Generation Manager).

Below are the specs for your Perfect Partner® that you currently hold clearance for! We hope that your Perfect Partner® is everything you are cleared to dream it is!

Clearance Levels

Perfect Partner(R) Generation Specs

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